Meet the Instructor - Andy

Meet the Instructor - Andy

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You can catch Andy on a ‘’ONE NIGHT ONLY’’ basis at Spinzone. He takes the hot seat on Thursdays at 7pm. Andy is a local boy – he’s a Drimnagh Dub, born and bred. Andy is also a Personal Trainer who has his very own studio. He’s been working in the fitness industry for the last 6 years but he’s coached swimming and lifesaving since he was 15 years of age. In fact, his love for fitness started when he was just 10 years of age when he had a desk, bed, and a rowing machine in his room!

Why spinning?

Spinning is amazing, it triggers muscles that you don't normally hit in the gym. Spinning is great for when it's too wet or dark outside or when you’re not motivated to train. You will not get a better sweaty workout anywhere else.

How do you choose the music for your classes?

It’s very hard to please everyone with the music selection but music is so essential to get the body moving. I like to choose a few varieties of styles all in one playlist, to keep everyone happy!

What do you recommend eating before and after your spin class?

Make sure that you have fuelled the body before spin so that you’re hitting into those fat cells during the workout. I recommend consuming food at least 60 mins before spin, something like blueberries or blackberries with cashew nuts, nothing too heavy.

Of course, it’s just as important to make sure you eat after exercise, otherwise your body will go into ketosis. This is where your body will strip your muscle (not fat) for energy. I recommend consuming a balanced diet here as glycogen levels will be very low. Try steak, poached eggs, spinach and sweet potatoes.

Besides spinning what do you do to keep fit?

I do weight training three times per week, two yoga or pilates sessions and at least one mobility session. I get outdoors on the bike twice a month and like to do charity cycles.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us

I have done two Muay Thai camps in Thailand and I don't like cauliflower, lol!!